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The Urban Legend tegneserier er en norsk tegneserie . Den har en svart superhelt som bruker kampsport ferdigheter til å bekjempe gatekriminalitet . Forfatter Josef Yohannes kommer fra Eritrea

Publication History

The Premiere Issue of The Urban Legend, titled "The Birth of a True Superhero," was originally published by Josef Yohannes in January, 2012 in Norway.

Character Biography and Synopsis

Malcolm Tzegai Madiba is a 29-year-old high school teacher in the fictional city of Capital City (also known as the City of God). Corruption has forced the city to near-bankruptcy. With the police force cut back, crime has taken over the city.

When Malcolm's friend, a local business owner, is robbed and assaulted, Malcolm is troubled that the assailant has not been arrested or charged. That night, the assailant, Young Evil, discusses a money laundering plan with nightclub owner Sugar Bear. They are interrupted by Justin, one of Sugar Bear's employees. Worried that Justin knows too much, Young Evil and his gang of thugs kill him in an alley near the club later that night. The next day, Malcolm learns that justin — his cousin – has been murdered. Overcome with grief and burning with a desire for revenge, Malcolm swears that the criminals will pay.

Shortly after, a young female newspaper journalist who's been covering the crimes is cornered by Young Evil and his gang on the street. Before he can assault her, Malcolm, as the Urban Legend in a yellow and black costume,jumps in to fight Young Evil and his thugs using martial arts. When police sirens are heard, the injured criminals run off, leaving the journalist unhurt and alone as Malcolm slips away, covering his suit with a long coat.


Josef Tzegai Yohannes is of Eritrean origine and is raised in Norway.

Josef Tzegai Yohannes

Josef Yohannes, a native of Eritrea, was born in Copenhagen, Denmark with his twin sister in 1980. At the age of 9, he and his family moved to Oslo, Norway. A shy, adventurous child, from an early age he had a vision and a goal of helping people and making the world to a better place for all of us.

From an early age, he experienced bullying, poverty, racism, and fear, yet he participated in charity events, and always had hope for a better future. As he grew older, he decided to study human rights and political science with the goal of earning a political position that would allow him to take on social issues of the underprivileged.

While studying Political Science and Human Rights at the University of Oslo, Yohannes was selected to attend a United Nations Conference for students sponsored by Harvard University. He attended the conference 3 years in a row (in Hague, Netherlands, Taipei, Taiwan and New York, USA).

In 2010, while he was visiting Botswana, South Africa, and several other countries, Yohannes got the idea to combine his creativity and passion for social service to create a new comic book superhero called The Urban Legend. His biggest inspiration came when he saw two children that instantly reminded him of himself and his brother. In an emotional moment, he called them over and talked to them, and was struck by their beauty and closeness. He gave them 10 dollars and told them to buy some ice cream; they happily accepted, and as they walked away, he shed a few tears, feeling helpless and angry with himself that he didn’t do more than give them a few dollars. He wanted to give them hope, a role, something that could motivate them and show them the path to a better life.

Three months later, he had the epiphany to create a superhero that would change the world. The Urban Legend would be the first global black superhero, inspiring kids from all over the world, especially Africa. He wanted his character to be the most human superhero ever and, so he gave him a job as a teacher. The Urban Legend is a superhero who fights against evil and oppression, and gives the poor, the forgotten, and those who can't stand up for themselves a voice.

His name is Malcolm Tzegai Madiba, named after Malcolm X, Yohannes’ father Tzegai, and Nelson Mandela (Madiba is Mandela's African name).

The Urban Legend is available in 11 different languages and is part of the school curriculum in Norway, Eritrea, South Africa, Kenya and Brazil.

Yohannes is also working on a documentary on Malcolm X, and is writing his first book, which will be out next year.

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