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January 27, 2016

Issue 1 / Season 1

Capital City, aka the “City of God,” was once a beautiful and magnetic place where people could achieve their hopes, dreams and ambitions while living happily among each other. That all changed after some corrupt bureaucrats mishandled the city’s politics. The city was pushed to the verge of bankruptcy and had to cut back police, firefighters and teachers. With the streets no longer safe, the criminals are winning, their power increasing day by day. One man has stepped forward from the city`s ashes to take the city ́s burdens, fears and dreams on his shoulders, fighting for this and future generations… He is one man, he is the only man, he is THE URBAN LEGEND!

January 27, 2016

Issue 2 / Season 1

A bounty is placed on The Urban Legend´s head by the thug Young Evil and his uncle The Devil´s Advocate. Young Evil kidnaps Matin mistaking him for The Urban Legend, causing a showdown at the Pirate Bay docks between Malcolm T. Madiba (The REAL Urban Legend) and The Devil´s Advocate.



January 27, 2016

Issue 3 / Season 1

The Urban Legend was thrust into the spotlight thanks to a campaign by reporter Sarah Parks. As his war on crime continued his popularity began to soar, making him a hero to the people. Consumed by his obsession with The Urban Legend, The Devil’s Advocate lured him into a trap where he has a showdown with the big monster Manchild.


January 27, 2016

Issue 4 / Season 1

Manchild almost killed The Urban Legend and he was lucky to get away with his life. Grocery clerk, Mr. Fong takes him in using ancient methods from China to heal him.

Detective Fletcher knows his days are numbered if he doesnt finds and kill The Urban Legend before The Devil´s advocate kills him. The Urban Legend now stronger than ever, after Mr. Fong sharpened his mind and his fighting skills, is out for revenge and ready to take on Manchild and all the other crime figures in Capital City.


January 27, 2016

Issue 5 / Season 1

The Urban Legend has travelled to China to help and save Mr. Fong, the one who took him in and healed him using ancient methods from China. The Urban Legend is lured to the Forbidden city into The Tower of Death where no man has ever escaped alive from.


January 20, 2016

Issue 6 / Season 1

The Urban Legend travels to Tokyo, Japan to save Mr. Fong who has been kidnapped by the Yakuza. While there he meets a young girl named Kiyoko who helps him track down Fong to a Yakuza boss named Tanaka. Tanaka who is aware of The Urban Legend´s presence, and lures him into a trap where he has a showdown with The Seven Deadly Assassins and has to choose who gets to live of Mr. Fong and Kiyoko.

January 20, 2016

Issue 7 / Season 1

After putting most of the criminal underworld behind bars, it finally seemed that The Urban Legend´s problems were over and things might be looking up. But on the day he returned to work at Amaru High, an explosion devastated the school. La Madrina goes on a killing spree by trying to kill all the underworld bosses, so she can claim the top position in the underworld of Capital City.

January 20, 2016

Issue 8 / Season 1

After the school explosion and the assasination of Mayor Griffin, a full scale riot broke out in Capital City. The Urban Legend got caught in the middle of it and got put in jail by crooked cops Kruger and Barnett. The mastermind behind it all was The Devil´s Advocate who had been pulling the strings from behind bars. The Urban Legend is cuffed in a jail cell and is confronted by all of his enemies from Season 1 and they want to hurt him bad.

January 20, 2016

Issue 1 / Season 2

The Urban Legend is jailed after all the crime figures set him up and they are ready to kill him once and for all, and The Urban Legend knows he has to fight for his life to escape alive from Bush penitentiary. Sarah is withness to a conspiracy and is kidnapped and the city is in completely turmoil after riots erupted in the streets of Capital City and there is no law and order in sight.


January 20, 2016

Issue 2 / Season 2

La Madrina is back on the streets after she vicously kills the judge that set her free from jail, and she is determined to get her revenge on The Urban Legend. There is a new villain in town called “The Subruban Myth” and he is ready to dethrone The Urban Legend and be the de facto superhero of Capital City.


January 27, 2016

Issue 3 / Season 2

The Urban Legend barely survives the trap La Madrina and Suburban Myth had for him, but they assume he is dead. La Madrina leaves town as she is done with her business in Capital City and Suburban Myth goes on a rampage to show he is the new superhero of Capital City and want people to forget about The Urban Legend. Malcolm is dating a new teacher at Capital City, but is unsettled until he can face Suburban Myth and restore peace and harmony in Capital City.

January 20, 2016

Issue 4 / Season 2

Malcolm is in Norway and is enjying his time in Oslo with Lise. The Norwegian police department are in a midst of war with Norways most feared gang “B-Gjengen”. The police captain is under intense pressure from the minister of justice and has used all the powers that be to stop B-Gjengen to no avail. A deadly accident happens with Malcolm that takes him deeper and deeper into Oslos underworld, and B-Gjengen members are looking for him determined to kill him by any means necessary.


January 20, 2016

Issue 5 / Season 2

Malcolm is framed for murder, and becomes The Urban Legend to clear his name. The police commissioner is kidnapped and the streets of Oslo are in full mayhem. The Urban Legend sees no other way out but to crush B-Gjengen once and for all and save the citizens of Oslo from falling into the evil hands of B-Gjengen.

January 20, 2016

Issue 6 / Season 2

Sadden with grief and guilt over the death of Lise, Malcolm gets on a plane to an unknown destination where he ends up in a rural city. There is a folklore in the small town that has had people scared for a long time, no one has ever dared to explore it until The Urban Legend decides to take a look and see what its really about. The Urban Legend quickly finds out he is on deep water and must use all his strength and power to save himself from an imminent death.


January 20, 2016

Season 1 book

January 20, 2016

Mandela special edition

This is a special edition of The Urban Legend that teaches kids about school, education and self-respect.

We follow the story of a little kid named Biko, who is homeless after losing his parents to Hiv/Aids. Malcolm is in Africa to work as an volunteer at a orphanage home, when he suddenly spots Biko and hears his story. Malcolm is deeply touched by Biko´s story and takes him to the orphanage home where he to work as a volunteer. The orphanage home has had a lot of threats from an evil businessman who wants to remove the orphanage so he can build luxury apartments for the rich. Malcolm turns into The Urban Legend and confronts the evil businessman and teaches him a lesson he wont forget.


January 20, 2016

Ebola special edition

This is a special edition of The Urban Legend that teaches kids about ebola. We follow the story of Memuna and Augustine, who has lost their parents to ebola and now the village they live in has banished them from living there. Homeless and wih nowhere to go, The Urban Legend takes Memuna and Augustine to an orphanage home where they can live and have a home. The other kids at the orphanage teases Memuna and Augustine because their parents died of Ebola, so The Urban Legend decides to teach the kids what Ebola really is, how they can protect themselves against it and how they can fight it.

February 19, 2016

Anti-Bully special edition

This is a special edition of The Urban Legend that teaches kids about anti-bullying.
Daniella has changed schools 3 times the last 2 years because of bullying. She has now started a new school and she is optimist that everything will better from now on, but the bullying is actually a lot worse than she has ever experienced. Leon is a jovial kid who loves music and football, but he struggles to make new friends because he is always made fun of in class by the school bully Mike. Daniella and Leon meets each other by fate and they see they have a lot in common and decide to band together and stand up against bullying with the help of The Urban Legend.

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